Hybrid MSP (Managed Service Provider)


Break/Fix Support or MSP? That is the question.

Many IT service providers have started the move to an MSP (managed service provider) platform for supporting their customers IT needs. This platform is built on charging a customer so much per device and/or user for unlimited support. It also can include features like email, antivirus/antimalware software, equipment, & support, and are based on more of a proactive approach. Most, if not all Managed Service Providers prefer not to make a visit onsite to work and/or resolve issues, and those visits are additional charges. In our experience, not matter how proactive and preventive you are, there are issues that arise that require you to be onsite. With this solution, you pay for support even if you don’t use it.

With Break/Fix Provider, you call when there is an issue and they go out and resolve it for an hourly rate. This provider type has come under much scrutiny due to the inability to determine your IT budget based on this model. The advantage of this model is that you only pay for what you use. If you don’t have any issues, you don’t have any IT repair cost. You buy equipment and upgrade as needed.

This is why we consider ourselves a Hybrid MSP. You get the best of both worlds. We use the same preventive and proactive tools that you would get with and MSP for a fraction of the cost, but then only pay for services as you use them. Our Hybrid MSP clients get discounted rates and pools of hours to use based on factors like amount of users, how many locations, and how complex of a setup the client has. We use experience and metrics to tailor a solution that lets you budget like you would with an MSP, but only pay for what you use.

Being an agile company, we can offer you any mix of these solutions form a full MSP, to break/fix, or something in between that meets your needs. If you have an information technology partner that works with you and looks out for your best interest, you always win. Even with our break/fix clients, we evaluate time spent on an issue to ensure that the client is charged fairly. There is no such thing as you getting charged for on job training or unlimited troubleshooting. When you are managed properly, there are no surprises.

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