For years we protected your network from the outside. Now we can protect your business from the outside.


Access Control

Access Control, also known as Proximity, is the ability to control access to an area and/or building without using traditional keys. The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, and using. This can be done with technologies that range from readers, to biometrics, and key codes. The biggest advantage to access control is that access can be modified by the click of a mouse. You don’t have to worry about losing keys and having to rekey your building again. You can also track movement and access of a person actively or historically. All this information is at your fingertips.

Video Surveillance

Whether you want to actively monitor for personal safety or use as a deterrent to minimize crime, security cameras can minimize risk and/or damage to location. You can have a live look no matter where you are or go back and find footage from an event after it happens. Monitor your home, business, vehicle, equipment, boat, and just about any other kind of property or belonging. Don’t have connectivity? You can use your system as a closed circuit surveillance system. With connectivity, you can be alerted by an alarm such as motion and/or view your system live from anywhere in the world.

Alarm & Automation

Looking to protect your belongings or tie everything together and manage your home/office from one place? Alarm and automation systems blend security and control. If you want to ensure your building is protected from theft or fire or lock the doors, close the garage, and lower the thermostat, both can be done from your smart device. Not looking for remote control ability? You can install a system in your building and connect it to police and fire. If an event happens, they are automatically contacted.

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